sitting pretty

05 January 2016

this vintage beauty just arrived and she is everything i ever dreamed of in a dress (and then some!)
layer upon layer of dusty mauve tulle, stunning embellished flowers and a boned bust, this 1950s number is now hanging happily on my wall - though i totally wish i could wear her out everywhere (coffee anyone??)

I've been on the search for my very own vintage prom dress since the beginning of time (aka - since i began obsessively buying vintage 6 years ago) but many of the dresses were far too teensy and also way out of my budget! ($600 and a 21 inch waist...?!! whaaa?!)
when I spotted this beauty over on the Lantana Vintage instagram i spent way too long drooling over her ♥ she was in my size and just perfect in every way! so when i saw that Annie had a black friday sale, i pounced!

and while i don't have an occasion to wear her (yet!), i really don't care! she's everything i ever dreamed of in a dress and just seeing her makes me giddy with glee - and that can't be a bad thing! that being said - if anyone is thinking of hosting some sort of a ball or gala, please invite me! I'm so excited to take this lady out for a twirl somewhere other than my bedroom (or kitchen! hah!)

starting 2016 with my dream dress is just the icing on the cake!
happy 2016 indeed! ♥

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Hemangini Patel said...

Pretty dress, you are prettier!!