big plans

10 January 2016

i have big plans this year.

big plans of travel and adventure, aimless wandering of some of my most favourite cities, to find what it is i left there and how it all came to be. to visit those pieces and make peace with what it was and what it is and why it's ok to move on. to know that wherever we go, we leave tiny pieces of ourselves and that's ok. we're ok. in leaving pieces of ourself we gain so much more. our hearts expand and grow and the joy we experience is immeasurable. what we learn is hard to explain or quantify, nor should it be necessary to do either of those things. it just is.

of becoming softer and learning to slow down. to not being so hard on myself all the damn time. to remember that i am only human and i only have so many hours in the day, so instead of sitting and procrastinating (as i so often do) i should act. action will speak so much louder, particularly this year. this is the year of action and of choosing what is right for me. just the act of choice alone is enough. not just letting life happen, but instead being an active participant. having my voice heard and my thoughts count. it all adds up.

of listening to my body. not pushing myself when i know i'm burnt out. when i've burnt the candle at both ends and my body has nowhere left to go. i know that i'm stronger and more resilient than i've given myself credit for, but pushing past that boundary has been my undoing. i need to quiet my mind and listen. to slow down. to breathe. to know that there is no harm in taking a break. it does not mean that you have failed, but that you are learning to know yourself on a deeper level. a level that up until now you've ignored because it scares you, on some level. you've always known it and time and time again it shows itself. so be present and listen.

on staying connected to those i love. writing 52 letters (or more!) this year and being open, at least, more open, than before. of not being so quick to judge. of forgetting or ignoring what others think of me (or what you perceive them to think of you) - it's not important. following your heart and being your most authentic self is. stop over thinking and start being.

on creating, exploring, and seeing the world with childlike wonder once again. nourishing the artist child within and being open to the possibilities that come my way. on choosing happiness and love and to see the beauty in all things, even when others choose not to.

on trying new things, dancing under the stars and marching (prancing?!) to the beat of my own drum.

on daring to be myself in a world that is constantly telling us who we ought to be.

big plans...♥

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Hemangini Patel said...

it's beautiful to see that you are aiming high for this year. I wish you luck dear, I hope you do everything you set out for and you do more and have lots of fun. :)